Set List 4-18-13


The Moving Sidewalks – Crimson Witch | Flash (1968)

Erik Heller – You Said/But I’ve Got My Way | Look Where I Am (1967)

Notes From The Underground – Why Did You Put Me On | Notes From The Underground (1968)

The Yellow Payges – The Two Of Us | Vol.1 (1969)

The Blinkers – Original Sin | Single (1969)

The Bystanders – Cave Of Clear Light | Single (1967)

Anan – Where My Sister’s Gone | Single (1968)

Avalanche – Rabbits | Single (1971)


Kaleidoscope – Colours | Kaleidoscope (1968)

The Mickey Finn – Garden Of My Mind | Single (1967)

The Pretty Things – Can’t Stand The Pain | Get The Picture? (1965)

Peter Cook And Dudley Moore – The L.S. Bumble Bee | Single (1967)

The Montanas – Difference Of Opinion | Single (1967)

The Fruit Machine – Follow Me | Single (1967)

The Shadows Of Knight – Hey Joe | Back Door Men (1966)

The Remains – Don’t Look Back | The Remains (1966)


The 13th Floor Elevators – Slip Inside This House | Easter Everywhere (1967)

The Electric Prunes – I | Underground (1967)

The Wire Machine – Mind Fascination | Single (1969)

The Creation – Through My Eyes | We Are Paintermen (1967)

The Alarm Clocks – Yeah | Yeah! (1966)

The Magic Mushroom – I’m Gone | Single (1966)


The Syn – 14 Hour Technicolour Dream | Single (1967)

West Coast Consortium – Colour Sergeant Lillywhite | Single (1968)

Dr. Spec’s Optical Illusion – Tryin’ to Mess My Mind | Single (1967)

MC5 – The American Ruse | Back in The USA (1970)

Eyes – You’re Too Much | Single (1966)

The Seeds – 900 Million People Daily | Single (1968)

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Set List 2-4-14


The Litter – Future Of The Past | Emerge (1969)

Groundshaker – World That’s Tight | Groundshaker (US 1972)

Ant Trip Ceremony – Elaborations | 24 Hours (1968)


Nazz – Under The Ice | Nazz Nazz (1969)

Grave – Little Giant | Grave (1975)

Elephant’s Memory – Super Heep (US 1969)

The Churchills – Subsequent Finale | The Churchills (1969)


Liquid Sound Company – Unfolding | Inside The acid Temple (2002)

White Fence – Chairs in the Dark | Cyclops Reaps (2013)

The Orange Alabaster Mushroom – The Fat Angel | A Gift From a Garden To a Flower: A Tribute To Donovan (2002)

SRC – Onesimpletask | SRC (1968)

Superfine Dandelion – People In The Streets | The Superfine Dandelion (1967)


Strawberry Path – When the Raven Has Come to the Earth | When the Raven Has Come to the Earth (1971)

Jason Crest – Black Mass | Single (1969)

Hurdy Gurdy – Spaceman | Hurdy Gurdy (1972)

Serpent Power – The Endless Tunnel | Serpent Power (1967)

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***Set List 1/21/14***


Unknown Journey- Justine | Justine

Fisherwoman- The Avengers | Medallion

 Green Tambourine- The Lemon Pipers | Green Tambourine

Remember The Future (Part 1)- Nektar | Remember The Future


Exhibits From A New Museum/ Green Lights- Edgar Broughton Band | Oora

Reality            - Jeff Monn | Reality

Dazed and confused- Jake Holmes | The Above Ground Sounds Of Jake Holmes           

Children of The Sun- Dino Valente | Dino Valente


Her Arms Embraced The Sun- Purple Overdose | Reborn           

The Alchemist Pt. 1-2-3 – Witchcraft | The Alchemist

Crystals- The Re-Stoned | Analog


Morning Rain- Liquid Visions | Hypnotized

Reverberations- Siena Root | Kaleidoscope

Fever Games – Legends | Single

Journey’s End (1967)- The Fire Escape | Psychotic Reaction

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Set List 1-7-14


Somebody Keeps Calling my Name- Baby Grandmothers |Baby Grandmothers

Living On The Hill- Midnight Sun | Midnight Sun


Doors In Between- Tetragon | Nature           

Living in the City- Hookfoot | Good Times a Comin                                               

Selfmade Trip- Eela Craig | Eela Craig                                               


I’m a Man- Mystic Siva | Under The Influence

Alpha Man- Shiver | San Francisco’s Shiver

Freak Show- Velvet Night | Velvet Night

Death Bells at Dawn- The Lords | Single*


Fall- Cold Sun | Dark Shadows

I Took A Ride (Caravan)- Rotary Connection | Aladdin

Children of the Sun- The Misunderstood | Single*

Do You Hear The Words- Magic Carpet | Magic Carpet

Brainwashed- The Shays | Single*

Man Who Paints The Pictures- Fever Tree | Another Time Another Place

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Set List 11-5-13


Sweet Leaf - Clear Blue Sky | Clear Blue Sky

Women and Children First - Ancient Grease | Women and Children First

Bad Omen - Pinnacle | Assassin

Easy - The Psycheground Group | Psychedelic And Underground Music


Changes - The Ceyleib People | Tanyet

The Clown - The Warm Sensation | Single*

Morning At My Dawn – Asterix | Asterix

Magic Highway – Christie | For All Mankind

Death Comes Slowly Orange WedgeWedge           


No More White Horses T2 It’ll All Work Out in Boomland

Another Face Bow Street Runners Bow Street Runners

Seaweed – Please | 1968/69           

The Path Does Have Forks - Bob Smith | The Visit                       

The Mixed Up Kind - Trader Horne | Morning Way


Rough Cut Marmalade - Five Day Rain | Five Day Rain           

Midnight Carnival - O.W.L. | Of Wondrous Legends                                  

Carnival – Wind |Morning

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Set List 10/29/13


The Raven- The Glass Prism            | Poe Through The Glass Prism

Oh No- Odin | SWF Session 1973

Blankman Cries Again- High Tide | High Tide

Fast Career- Haze | Hazecolor-Dia


No Deposit, No Return Blues- Sandy Bull | E Pluribus Unum

Time Machine- Factory | Single

I Keep Singing- Them | Them


Aluminum wind- Siloah | Siloah

Imphormal- Braen’s Machine | Underground

Riverside- Bent Wind | Sussex


Horizon- Stud | SWF Session 1972

Within Your State Of Mind- The Electric Toilet | In The Hands Of Karma

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Set List 10/22/13



Farewell To Hypocrites- Shinki Chen | Shinki Chen

Winter- A Joint Effort | Final Effort           

The Witch- Mark Fry | Dreaming With Alice


You Turn Me On- Coke | Coke

Trieulogy- K.A.K | KAK Ola

Start Off With You- Sweet Pain | Sweet Pain

The Visitor- Quiet World | 7” Single


People I Once Knew- Stone Circus | Stone Circus                                   

Feel The Joy- Days | Days                                   

Reincarnation- The Fool | The Fool                                   

Live For Today- Dark | Round The Edges                                   

Windsong- Black Merda | Black Merda


Where’s The Sun- Fresh Blueberry Pancake | Heavy                                   

The First Seasons After The Destruction - Tomorrow’s Gift | Tomorrow’s Gift

The Way Ahead- The Way We Live | A Candle For Judith                                   

Farewell Aldebaran- Judy Henske & Jerry Yester | Farewell Aldebaran

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All Vinyl Set 10/15/13

Davie Allan and the Arrows - Cycle-Delic – The Cycle-Delic Sounds
Crabby Appleton - Peace By Peace – S/T
Can – Paperhouse – Tago Mago

The Nice - Rondo 69 – S/T
Budgie - Young Is a World – Squawk 
Harvey Mandel - Feel the Sound – Feel the Sound
Skid Row - Night of the Warm Witch – 34 Hours

John Cale and Terry Riley - Ides of March – Church of Anthrax
The Butterfield Blues Band - East-West – East-west

The Small Faces - Happiness Stan – Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake
The Pretty Things - Sickle Clowns – Parachute 
Aorta- Thoughts and Feelings/Main Vein IV – S/T

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Set list 10/8/13


Grannie- Coloured Armageddon- S/T

Clouds- Long Time- Watercolour Days

Beggars Opera-Time Machine- Waters Of Change

Gravy Train- Messenger- (A Ballad Of) A Peaceful Man                       


Orang-Utan- Chocolate Piano- S/T           

Horse- To Greet The Sun- S/T

Birth Control- Just Before The Sun Will Rise- Operation

Tax Free- Ginny- S/T

9:00- 9:30

Captain Marryat- Blindness- S/T

Suck- Season of the Witch (1970)- Time to Suck

Odyssey- Angel Dust (1969)- Setting Forth

9:30- 10:00

Tongue- Morning Dew- Keep On Truckin’ With Tongue

Stray- After The Storm- Saturday Morning Pictures                       

Warhorse- Solitude- Solitude

Tear Gas- Love Story- S/T

Nektar – Burn Out My Eyes – Journey To The Centre Of The Eye

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Setlist 9/24/13

Czar- Tread softly on my dreams- S/T
Affinity- All Along The Watchtower- S/T
Blue Phantom- Metamorphosis- Distortion
Madura- Trapped- S/T

Atomic Forest- Foxy Lady- Obsessions
Alamo- Question Raised- S/T
The Growing Concern- Mister You’re a Better Man Than I- S/T
Fear Itself- In My Time Of Dying- S/T

Second Hand- Reality- Reality
Trouble Part I/Part II- McChurch Soundroom- Delusion
The Smoke- The Hobbit Symphony- S/T
Index- Paradise Beach- 2end Album 

The Open Mind- Thor The Thunder God- S/T
Audience- Raid- Friends, Friends, Friends
NGC-4594- Forever Gone- Skipping Through The Night
Aardvark- The Outing-Yes- S/T


The Golden Dawn- Every Day- Power Plant
Can- The Empress and THe Ukraine King- Unlimited Edition
The Open Mind- I Can’t See- S/T
The Beau Brummels- Gentle Wandering Ways- Gentle Wandering Ways 
Children- Sitting On A Flower- Rebirth

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Set List 9-17-13


Power Of Zeus- It Couldn’t Be Me- The Gospel According To Zeus

Alexanders Timeless Bloozband- Darlin-S/T

Cressida- Lisa- Asylum

Paper Garden- Gypsy wine-             S/T

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy- Too Many Do- The Great Conspiracy

The Zoo- Chocolate Moose- Chocolate Moose


Hunger- Portland 69- Strictly From Hunger

Freeport- Call Yourself The Wind- S/T

The Tangerine Zoo- Young Dream-            Outside Looking In

Probe- Direction- Direction


Fields- Love Is The Word. – S/T                                   

Randy Holden- Keeper Of My Flame- Population II


Blast Furnace- Toytown- S/T                       

Catapilla- Reflection-            Changes                                   

United Travel Service- The Slightest Possibility- Wild and Stone

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Set List 9/10/13


Virus- King Heroin- Thoughts

Caravan- Place of My Own- Caravan           

Fever Tree- Time is Now- Creation

The Yankee Dollar- If In Swimming- Yankee Dollar           

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band- The Equestrain Statue- Gorilla           

Mighty Baby- House Without Windows- Mighty Baby           


A.B. Skhy- Lady In The Dark- Ramblin’ On

Ultimate Spinach- Ballad of The Hip Dead Goddess- Ultimate Spinach

Spence ”Skip” Alexander- Gray  Afro- Oar

Nirvana- Black Flower- To Markos III


Rhys Chatham- Guitar Trio- Die Donnergötter

Bangor Flying Circus- Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)- Bangor Flying Circus           

Elizebeth- Alarm Rings Five- Elizebeth

Tea Company- Flowers- Come Have Some Tea           


Reign Ghost- Eyes Knows, So Does Ears and Carolina- Reign Ghost                                   

The Blue Things- You Took The Fight- Single

Listening- Stoned is- Listening

Chrysalis- Cynthia Gerome- Definition 

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Setlist 9/3/13


Art- Think I’m Going Weird - Supernatural Fairy Tales

The Haunted- Horror Show-            The Haunted

Morning Dew- Gypsy- Morning Dew

July- Dandelion Seeds- July

The Nova Local- Tobacco Road-Nova 1


Andwella’s Dream- Cocaine- Love and Poetry                                   

Rare Earth- Get Ready- Get Ready


East of Eden- Waterways- Mercator Projected

Yesterday’s Children- Sailing- Yesterday’s Children

Bulbous Creation- Lets Go To The Sea- You Won’t Rember Dying

Peacepipe- Sea of Nightmares- Peacepipe                                   


Floating Bridge- Crackshot- Floating Bridge                                               

Lee Micheals- Love- Carnival of Life                                   

Fever Tree-Time is Now- Creation

The Kaleidoscope- I Found Out- A Beacon From Mars

Quicksliver Messenger Service- The Truth- Quicksilver                                   

Caravan- Place of My Own- Caravan

Quatrain- Rollin- Quatrain                       


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Setlist 8/27/13


Brainticket- There’s a Shadow Watching You – Psychonaut

Silk- Foreign Trip- Smooth as Raw           

The Deviants- Death of A Dream Machine-The Deviants 3

The Sacred Mushroom- Catatonic Lover- S/T

Flood- Vacumn- The Rise of The Flood

Joseph- Cold Biscuits And Fish Heads- Stoned Age Man

Fuzzy Duck- Mrs. Prout- Fuzzy Duck


Ill Wind- People Of The Night- Flashes

The Fort Mudge Memorial Dump- Crystal Forms- The Fort Mudge Memorial Dump           

Golden Earring- Big Tree Blue Sea- S/T


Weed- Sweet Morning Light- Weed…!

Black Widow- Tears and Wine- S/T

Glass Sun- Silence of the Morning- Silence of the Morning

Morgen- Welcome To The Void- S/T

Mushroom Man- Road- Road


Touch- Seventy Five- Touch- S/T

St. John Green- Devil and the Sea-S/T

Organ Grinders- New Day Holiday- Out of the Egg

Hawkwind- Space is Deep- Space Ritual

1 note

Set List 8/20/13


Bubble Puppy-Hot Smoke and Sassafras

Can - Outside My Door –Monster Movie

The Move- Message From The Country- Message From The Country

Eden’s Children- Just Let Go – S/T

Alexander “Skip” Spence- All Come To Meet Her- Oar

The Cryan Shames- A Master’s Fool- Synthesis

The Poppy Family-Of Cities and Escapes –Which Way You Goin Billy


Eloy- Up and Down- Inside

Sweet Smoke-Baby Night- Just a Poke


Silver Apples- I Have Known Love- Contact

H.P. Lovecraft – Mobius Strip- II

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band- Shifting Sands- Part One

Rotary connection- Tales of Brave Ulysses- Songs

Blind Faith-Do What You Like- S/T


The Velvet Turner Group- Freedom-The Velvet Turner Group 5:50

Among Duul II- Green Bubble Raincoated Man- Wolf City 5:04

Brian Eno-Back in Judy’s Jungle- Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy 5:17

Red Krayola-Victory Garden-God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It1:55

Rodriguez-Sugar Man- Cold Fact

The United States of America- Coming Down-Self Titled 2:38

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